Sunday, January 3, 2010

Install The Nothing Is Impossible Program

This program comes with life changing and destiny fulfilling benefits. Unfortunately the majority of people don't believe in this mindset. They believe obstacles are not meant to be overcame, challenges are too hard or challenges mean that "it wasn't meant to be."

Unless we really have a strong desire for something, we won't use the power within us to continue to push through and accomplish what we set out to obtain. Or we may not even start to even proceed toward a goal because even though it start out as a good idea, further thought reveals to us that it is not logical, not a good idea and we need to face reality.

But fortunately, there are some people who have the "nothing is impossible" mentality and this teaches us that actually "nothing is indeed impossible" and to go for our dreams no matter what.

These people have broken through mental barriers, overcame extreme obstacles, tackled unbelievable challenges which have resulted in achieved and seemingly impossible dreams. It is a fact that many have became famous because of their unstoppable mentality and character.

Well, if they can do it, anyone can do it and if anyone can do it, you can do it too. Sure some people have that natural inclination or naturally have that kind of mindset. But it can be installed into our brains just like we program a computer.

How can some one install this program? Through repetition, continuous repetition...over and over until it becomes part of your core being. We can create or find affirmations and repeat them several times a day until we start to think and believe that "nothing is impossible."

Bill Marshall has a cool site called He is giving away 488 positive life changing affirmations! He also has a Podcast that is pretty cool with affirmations and neat ways to incorporate them. I definitely recommend that you visit his site to see what he has to offer.

Using positive affirmations may not give you instant results but with repetition and patience, your mindset will begin to change. Stay tune for a future post about affirmations.

Another way is through reading Biographies. Biographies can be life changing. When you read about people going above and beyond and fulfilling dreams despite their physical and mental limitations; setting ridiculously impossible goals and achieving them, your mind will be stretched and your beliefs in the impossible will diminish.

Biographies inspire and motivate, so choose biographies where people have developed mental toughness that contributed to their fame. Biographies give you a peak into the person's mind and helps you use that knowledge to program your own mind with this type of mental toughness.

Michael Phelps's book, No Limits: The Will to Succeed, is an excellent example to confirm that nothing is impossible despite naysayers, history and logic.

Listening to Podcasts, self development programs, watching inspiring movies, reading blogs and websites, are all tools you should use to install the "nothing is impossible" program.

Listen, read or watch these tools as much as possible, do something everyday and you are guaranteed to grow into this new unstoppable mindset.

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